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There is this business that I know of...still in existence today. It is 40 some odd years old. It is actually a one man show. This man fabricates a line of performance products that do exactly what the business name describes. The name is Quiet Horsepower. He has created a number of muffler exhaust systems, primarily for race cars. This man who invented these products recognized a problem in the racing industry and formulated a solution. Through years of precision work and careful attention to the racing world around him he discovered a way to keep the racers out on the track without compromising the horsepower they relied on. Years ago, professional raceways were forced to require strict limitations on noise decibel levels. So, the problem was that as racers figured out how to increase the horsepower of their engines, the decibel levels were raised simultaneously. This was eliminating them from being able to continue to race. These tremendously high-powered vehicles were gradually becoming too loud for spectators and commentators. The decibel levels were rising at alarming rates, becoming dangerous to spectators hearing. This is why the raceways had to implement restrictions. The man who invented Quiet Horsepower found a way to increase the cars horsepower while decreasing the decibel levels. It was like magic. He has done did this for over 40 years. The most famous of all of his creations is the Phase 9 Silencer (sounds like a sniper pistol huh) and has been sold and used on racecars all over the world including; California, Australia, England, Mexico, Canada, as well as other countries.

Little did this man know that there was much more to Quiet Horsepower than the coveted performance products circulating the globe. Ironically, Quiet Horsepower became much more than a product and a paycheck, it was only a reflection of a lifestyle. Taken back to the younger years of this car gurus early life, he grew desperate to uncover real truth. Determined to discover the true meaning of life, he trekked out through the back woods, hill countries, cities and rural towns of the rugged West of the U.S. During his quest, God revealed Himself to the young man during the summer of 1974. The start of his new journey wound up being God's lifelong promise to him, filled with joy. He became a man of God that year. Since then he has searched the heart of God the Father unwaveringly and has served Jesus diligently. He has lived a sanctified life filled with God-inspired performance horsepower. But in a very quiet and respectful manner. This man is quiet horsepower. He acquired quality traits along the way that he has been admired for. Meekness. Authenticity. Wisdom. Love. Patience. Compassion. He is a gentle giant, this man. He is the epitome of quiet horsepower. He has made friends from all walks of life. People still to this day come from far off to sit with him. To learn from him. To watch him. To listen. To receive the Kingdom of God. For where he goes the Kingdom of God is there. Little did he know that the business he started decades ago would become the slogan and fabric of his life. He didn't know that the force behind his quiet spirit would be amplified by the transformative horsepower of the Holy Spirit. He had no idea that the hyperbole behind his creativity and interest in the racing world would bring deep wells of meaning and truth to his young family and countless people around him. As he worked out his God breathed potential, God performed a tremendous working within. This man never quit. He did not waver. He never threw in the towel. He just kept moving...at the speed of Jesus. He built his house on the rock. He settled on solid ground. Even to this day he cultivates a robust legacy while living a quiet, simple life unto the Lord and loved ones. A legacy that will live on for generations to come. This man is my dad. Pete Weber. Love ya Pops.

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