How do you eleminate the noise of a powerful engine? You get a Phase 9 muffler. See how you can drastically change the decibal level of your muffler by implementing the Phase 9 muffler. Quiet HORSEPOWER Exhaust Systems are a focus too. (more)

We sell various types of Bead Form Tools. Our most recent tool added is the Bead Form 1/2 inch. Other Bead Form tools are the Bead Form I, Bead Form II, Bead Form Jr., Bead Form Electric, and the Bead Form Rollers. (more)

We're excited to announce that our newest tool is finally here. The Oxygen Sensor Bung Installtion Tool is the perfect tool for ..... (more)

We also do custom CNC machine work here at Performance Products. Based on what you're looking for, our CNC Lathe and CNC Mill will provide the solution you need. (more)

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